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Biophysical Bulletin

ISSN: 2075-3810

State Registration Certificate ĘÂ ą 11007 of 17.02.2006.
Reference titles: Biophysical bulletin

Editor in Chief: Dr. Sci., Prof. Vladimir Ya. Maleev

The journal “Biofizicnij visnik” is a periodic scientific edition of Ukraine in the field of physics and biology.
The journal publishes regular papers, short communications and reviews containing novel results of solving physical and mathematical problems related to biological systems at various levels of organization by using the methods of experimental and theoretical physics and mathematical modeling. The journal has sections: molecular biophysics, cell biophysics, biophysics of complex systems, medical physics, action of physical factors on biological systems, methods of biophysical research. Articles in Ukrainian, Russian and English, prepared according to the Instructions for authors are welcome for submission. Articles are accepted for publication after the peer-review process. Referees to each article are assigned by the Editorial Board. The journal is published two times a year.

“Biofizicnij visnik” is cited by the Ukrainian refereed journal "Djerelo", the full texts of articles are stored in electronic format at the Vernadski National Library of Ukraine.

The “Biofizicnij visnik” is recognized by the Ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine as a peer-reviewed journal for publishing articles of those seeking for PhD and DrSci degrees.

Ethics in publishing:
The work described in submitted article must have been carried out in accordance with The Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association (Declaration of Helsinki) for experiments involving humans (; EU Directive 2010/63/EU for animal experiments (; Uniform Requirements for manuscripts submitted to Biomedical journals ( This must be stated at an appropriate point in the article.